Everything Goes

John Rey L. Villareal | Pyramid Ninja

The world is undeniably a volatile place. Every time we want something done right, one thing can go bad in a wink of an eye. That is just how this universe is made to be. In other words, everything is destined for chaos.
Last year, we saw many things go down the drain in politics, entertainment, and business—most of which a few may not even want to be recalled. A few social media platforms started disappearing like Vine. A whole lot of celebrities like Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher died last year. But to say 2016 was the worst year for a millennial is an oversimplification of a time span that is dictated by the Earth’s revolution around the sun.
Whether you like it or not, it is not a year’s fault that these things went astray. They just happened. That is just how
entropy works. Reality is: people die every time, make mistakes, and bring about trivial things.
The problem is our way of thinking. We tend to see only the bad parts of a certain event. However, for every dark
corner, there is an equally lit one. And that most things are just what happens in time and as always, unpredictable.
The year 2016 had its downfalls, however, there were some better things that went well for the year. There were a lot of breakthroughs in science. The Catholic-Orthodox meeting took place which had not happened in the past one
thousand years. Teen birth is at an all-time low. I can go on and that would fill this entire article.
Things may or may not seem too bright for you personally in 2016 but look at it at a broader perspective; there is bound to be something that made you smile.
Lastly, try not to blame a year for certain events. Try to look back on what you did that led to whatever had happened and put into perspective your own way of contributing to the year. Murphy’s Law states that “anything can go wrong” but that would also imply that things also go right.

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