Errors in intramurals scoring explained

Angelica Mae D. Gomez

Due to the discrepancy of the overall result of the Silliman University (SU) Intramurals 2016, students from the Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences (ICLS) placed a complaint against the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee over wrong scoring.

Leo Maputi, SUSG sports and recreation committee chairperson, said that they released an official statement that they will clarify the result as soon as possible with the Physical Education (P.E.) and Athletics Department to which they found out that ICLS’s total score was actually 140 instead of 120 as what was indicated in the over-all result sheet of the intramural games.

According to Maputi, during the closing program of the intramurals last Dec. 3 at the SU Gym, the sports and recreation committee was very busy with organizing the event and monitoring the scores of the colleges for the overall ranking.

“We, as a sports committee, were in-charge of giving online updates as well as giving out minor awards – that’s the only job we do,” Maputi said

Maputi explained that there was a technical issue with the program that was used to compute the scores. He also stated that they were only transmitting communications between the athletics department and the student body.

“More or less, what we post is not from us but directly from the P.E. department and because of that misconception on our part, the student body had a backlash on us…We will clarify this as soon as possible and we will post this online as well,” Maputi added.

Maputi hopes that there will be a peaceful settlement between the SG and the ICLS student body.

“For me, as the chairperson of the sports and recreation committee, I don’t want to end the intramurals in a very bad note,” he said.

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