DepEd NIR uses gym during intrams week

Ray Chen S. Bahinting

The Silliman University (SU) gym, the main venue for all the basketball games, was used by the Department of Education (DepEd), Negros Island Region office for Brigada Eskwela 2016 National Awarding Ceremony last Nov. 29.

According to Mr. Dionesio Piñero II, director of the university athletics division, he was only informed about this “sudden” use of the gym on Thursday or Friday before the intramurals week.

Although athletics department had to “slightly change” their game schedule and venues which they prepared a month before the intramurals week, Piñero said that he agreed to this decision given that DepEd NIR will “fulfill their promise.”

Piñero added that DepEd NIR promised to make arrangements in transferring the games to the Lamberto Macias Sports Complex last Nov. 29

“I will take care of SU gym for their activity, and they will be the ones to arrange the use of Macias,” Piñero said.

He said that when he went to the Macias sports complex at 7 a.m., the venue for basketball was not ready.

Piñero also added that when he went to the office of NIR to clarify why the venue was not prepared, a representative from their office told him that he did not check the venue prior to the 29th. “I told them that we made an arrangement and I promise that the gym was to be switched and to be prepared for your activity and now you’re asking me to prepare the Macias complex? That is your responsibility,” Piñero

However, when he went again to Macias sports complex at around 12 noon, Piñero said the venue was not ready.

As per suggestion of a player from the graduate studies, Piñero went and checked Daro basketball court. Luckily, he said that the barangay captain allowed them to use the court but only for the day since there was also an ongoing barangay tournament in the evening.

According to Pinero, only the table tennis games were played at Macias sports complex last Nov. 29.

 “When I informed the colleges, right after the meeting with DepEd, about the use of the gym on the 29th, some students were angry.  They said that intramurals should be inside the campus, but I told them that we have to accommodate since it is a national activity and we should also be grateful that Silliman was chosen to be the venue for such event,” Piñero said.

Lain jud siya. Dapat ang Silliman University [Intrams] kay diri ra sa sulod sa Silliman except katong track and field kay wala man tay court. This is to feel the Silliman spirit pud ba,” said an engineering student after the SU gym was used for the DepEd event.

Piñero also asked a favor from DepEd NIR if they can bring the athlete from Silliman to Macias sports complex and vice versa to ensure the safety of the student, but he said, “In the end, gigamit namo ang Silliman bus lang gihapon.”

Piñero said, “There is no fault in the part of Silliman but on the DepEd because they never fulfilled their promises.”

However, after the delays of due to what happened, the games went back to its normal schedule and venue upon using the Alaska court and SU junior High School open court.

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