CBA holds 7-peat championships for Intrams stint

Mary Abigail T. Go & Irah Stefan T. Diao

7-PEAT. The College of Business Administration reigns again as the overall champion for this year’s University Intramurals. PHOTO BY Ryan Jefferson Marinay

7-PEAT. The College of Business Administration reigns again as the overall champion for this year’s University Intramurals. PHOTO BY Ryan Jefferson Marinay

The overall crown for the Silliman University Intramurals is yet to be passed on as the College of Business Administration (CBA) holds strong to the championships for seven straight years.

CBA tallied 400 points and bagged the titles for men’s football, men’s volleyball, men’s badminton, women’s track and field, women’s chess, and luksong lubid.

Following CBA’s ranking is the College of Engineering and Design with 350 points and titles for men’s and women’s basketball, women’s softball, women’s lawn tennis, men’s table tennis, men’s swimming, men’s track and field, and men’s chess.

Coming in third place is the Senior High School who is the newest addition to this year’s intramurals. They gathered 215 points and won women’s football, volleyball, and swimming.

In fourth place is the Institute of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences with 140 points winning the women’s badminton.

CBA dean, Dr. Gloria Futalan shared that this year’s intramurals was exciting and she is very happy for their seventh straight win mentioning that CBA always prepares for activities, particularly the intramural games with their students looking forward to it with commitment.

Futalan shared that preparedness and organization was their secret as they “assign advisers for each team, hold tryouts ahead of time, and form their teams before the semester.”

Futalan added that with the monetary constraints, even with the large college, students had to make do with what the council could allocate. They had to find practice venues that would accommodate rental with the meager budget.

On the other hand, CBA Council Governor Schinette Tingas said they have maintained their title by sending their quality representatives to the games.

“We (CBA) also make sure that the individuals involved are committed and they have this drive among themselves to excel.  Above all, we keep on reminding the teams and even the committees that  on whatever they’ll do, it should always be for the glory of God,” Tingas said.

Tingas said that it has already been two years that they have championed overall but has not topped all the sports. This, she said is a challenge not only to their athletes but also to the committees most especially the “pagubot committee” who made sure that there is a wagon of CBA students to cheer each game.

“The athletes themselves told me nga maka-affect jud ang naay mo cheer.  That’s why on every game they would message me their schedule dates para maka “deploy” mi sa among pagubot committee. Samot na kung ang mga opponent kay competitive pod in terms of cheering.”

On rallying for the intramural games next school year, both Futalan and Tingas are affirmative that CBA will still aim to get that gold.

“The yellow color will definitely be seen during the Intramural Games 2017. And our students will continue to give every game their best,” Futalan said.

Tingas, although noting that most athletes and members of the pagubot committee are graduating, said, “We will make sure we will go for the eighth for CBA was the champion, is the champion, and will always be the champion.”

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