A Fear for His Own Kind

Merell Lystra L. Recta | Gedanken Keeper

As I laid lazily on the couch while I scrolled my Facebook feed, “Pray for Hilongos” posts caught me off my senses. On the night of December 28, 2016, the day of the town fiesta, a bombing incident happened within the vicinity of Hilongos, Leyte. Even if there were no reported deaths, still, it engraved a sense of fear in me; a fear which I find the
greatest fear a human being might have—a fear of his own kind.
Countless paranoid thoughts rushed in. At that point, I wondered how some people managed to burst out their rage
to people who were, let’s say, “innocents” of the situation. For those who were injured during the incident, they might find it unfair. All they did was just attend a celebration—maybe for fun or as a stress reliever from loads of work—but what they got at the end of the day was a short trip to the hospital.
At that very moment, I also started believing that people might not be able to change anymore. The more we advance ourselves with technology, the more we get devoured by it, as evidently shown how cyberbullying becomes rampant in today’s generation. It is sad to say that we are changing rapidly not for the better but for the worst version of our kind. The version which I believe is the greatest fear we’ll ever encounter in our lives. A version who is self-centered and ruthless. A version full of earthly desires. A version which will eventually turn us into monsters if not taken care of.
That bombing incident is not a usual scenario. It was just a small town, but still it happened. It wasn’t clear yet as to what the reasons were for such detonation but whatever it may be, I hope it wouldn’t happen again in the future
especially for big annual events such as Sinulog and the procession of the Black Nazarene. Whatever the reason was –either a conflict of interests or dominion between two parties- let it not drive us insane where violence is seen as a solution to problems. Detonating bombs just to spark up an argument isn’t a trend either. If it was between the government and the terrorist, please do not include the innocent ones. If it was just an early New Year celebration, please don’t do it again. As much as we can, let us avoid to create monsters out of ourselves.
This 2017, let us try harder to start a better year than the previous ones we have even if it seems a bit hopeless each
passing year. Hand in hand, let us improve our own kind and not pushing the boundaries where we’ll reach a point of no return.

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