The Right To Know


With the recent parking scheme implemented this semester, it is a known fact that most students with cars expressed their disdain about the new policy of having to pay a Php5,000 parking sticker every semester.

Going back to the Nov. 23 issue of the Weekly Sillimanian, it is clearly expressed in the Sillimanians Speak that students find it too expensive as compared to the former price of Php1,000 per semester.

However reasonable or not reasonable may it be, the matter is open for public discussion.

As for the cons of this policy, car owners will not have the privilege to park anywhere they wanted and there will be a run for limited parking space because of the increase in population of the residents here in Dumaguete which causes traffic congestion.

Whilst the pro side of it, there is less traffic, less carbon emission, heightened security measures that enable security to monitor the cars coming and going in the university premises, and the money collected from it will go to scholarships.

Although the university means well with its intentions to improve the flow of organization and safety on campus, however, the increase of fee has gotten people questioning why the price goes up that high. What is the total breakdown of the fee? Is this a revenue-generating move for the university?

To put these questions to rest, tWS believes that the university should establish a disclosure or a free flow of information that classifies its functions to which the expenses have been made because it is the right of the public to know important information and share it.

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