Sports Are for Everyone: Tips on How to Enjoy Your Intramurals Experience

Merell Lystra L. Recta


Hooray for a week-long freedom from academics! But this is not vacation time, folks.

Every November, Silliman University hosts its Intramural games, wherein the different colleges compete against each other in their respective sports. For an athlete, this moment is considered the best time to unwind from the stresses of studies. But for non-players, they might think it’s the best chance to go back home because the events might just bore them through the week. Here are some tips to fully experience the enjoyment that comes with the Intramurals:

Watch games, and not for the attendance
Perhaps, the only reason why some would watch the games is because of attendance. We cannot deny that mindset, especially for people not that interested in sports. But, the best way to chill and make time worthwhile is by observing and supporting your college. If you have no idea how the game works, then just take note when the crowd will cheer and at what instance. In that way, your mind works out how the game determines a winner. Besides, there are a lot of funny moments during a game. Keep an eye on the players.

Carry water with you all the time
Most of the games happen during the day. With the extreme heat in Dumaguete, we should always carry water with us for rehydration. Minding the fact that the venue of one game to another may be quite far, it’s better to bring a bottle of water with you as you hop from one sport to another. The athletes and the organizers must also rehydrate themselves as often as possible.

For an athlete, rest and food intake is necessary
Any sport requires great energy in order to perform well during the games. Although practices are needed, resting and eating proper food are important as well. One should keep in mind that while winning a game is important, health should always be a priority.

For a member of a committee, strive for the best
The organizers are not superhuman, enabling them to do everything while the games are going on. The committees serve as the bridge of the organizers between the players and the spectators. They are the ones responsible for the needs of the players, especially when it comes to their supply of food and water during the games, and the ones who take charge in checking the attendance. It may just be minor roles, but they are important. Make sure that you will be able to do your part with your best. Avoid being late, and be alert always.

Enjoy the week
If you are still burdened by the existence of attendance during the games, bored with the events, or even still have assignments to accomplish, just remember that Intramurals is the perfect time to relax your mind from your academic subjects. Make new friends, or spend some time with your old ones! Just enjoy the week while exams are not yet here to give us eyebags.

Intramurals isn’t about being the champion. Whether your college wins or loses, what’s important is that it brought together camaraderie in the whole university.

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