Pinoy games played for first time in Intramurals

Stephanie Ria L. Colinco

TRADITIONAL FILIPINO GAMES or Larong Pinoy were added into the list of sports games for this year’s Intramurals.

The Physical Education (PE) and Athletics Department in partnership with the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Sports and Recreation Committee made the decision to include Filipino games.

Leo Maputi, chairperson of the SUSG Sports and Recreation Committee, said that it is the first time for traditional Filipino games to be included in the Intramurals.

“The games were included [this year] to promote the Pinoy culture and to emphasize our roots as Filipinos,” Maputi said.

Larong Pinoy included luksong lubid, sack race, and tug of war. Patintero was cancelled due to time restrictions.

Both students and teachers had the chance to join the Larong Pinoy which was played after the opening program of the Intramurals 2016.

Severino Torres Jr., an instructor of the Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences, joined the games, specifically, the tug of war.

“I joined the hilahang lubid [tug of war] because it was one of my favorite childhood games way back in the 80s…and also to promote and encourage young generations to play these wonderful traditional Filipino games,” Torres said.

Torres added that it is important to include these games to the Intramurals because “millennials nowadays do not know how to play these Larong Pinoy.

“[Millennials] tend to spend their playtime in their cellphones, tablets, or laptops which do not build their camaraderie, esprit de corps, and sportsmanship among their playmates. Larong Pinoy helps the young ones develop their mind, body, and most particularly their character. As the adage goes ‘Mens sana in corpore sano,’” Torres said.

According to Maputi, “it will be the PE and Athletics Department’s call to include [the traditional games] every year.”

Larong Pinoy results will be part of the scoring for the overall champion of the Intramurals 2016.

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