Manners matter

Mary Abigail T. Go | Buccinator Chronicle

In the vast context of internet, it is easy to be a warrior as mighty as a samurai because you can conceal your true identity and show a totally different one.

The movie “The Nerve” tackled a surface of this problem. Sometimes, we get too engaged in the augmented reality which eventually makes us forget the reality that we have to face. In the movie, the dilemma was that with a click of a button, the watchers enlisted themselves as accessories to a crime of murder. It then showed the people who clicked turning frigid cold, deleting the game, and switching their gadgets off.

People in social media loves to post, to share and to caption all sorts of things but sometimes fails to think before they publish the short post or press the send button which leads to regret and even quickly deleting that post when an issue arises.

I find this a big problem online: being extra careful and responsible of the words and actions. If it was in the real world, you couldn’t take back even the last syllable of your sentence and you couldn’t hide behind your signed written agreements.

How I wish the online platform was as irreversible as reality because I believe that words, even just posted online can pierce through the bone marrow. Words, released from the cortex, can harm someone. Words, when not thought of, may tug a heart vein.

There is nothing wrong with presenting platforms to make uspresented so that weengage and connect with other people. But then again, everything is abused and not used the way it should be used.

Do not hide in fake accounts to be trolls in the comment boxes of important matters. Do not comment at new friend updates in your friends’ timeline. Do not post something that could harm someone else.

Be more mature. Be more intelligent. Be the better person. Nowadays, your online etiquette is even more valuable than your table manners.

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