Love, Your Inner Self

Eric Gerard D. Ruiz | Tarantado Asintado

To the emotionally drained
Retreat. Stop. You need to take a break. You need to stay away from people who won’t even see the good acts you’ve done but rather see the bad ones. You are human. You can feel too. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to eel empty. Don’t let your emotions devour you. You are not a sponge. You are a filter. Stop absorbing negative thoughts and feelings.

Reassess. Your efforts are well-recognized. Cheer up. I know every sentiment and resentment hidden in your consciousness. I feel you and I understand you for feeling down. But, I challenge you. Think again! Why are you doing this? Is it because you love it? That’s a fair answer. However, giving up is not failure. You’ve done your part. Giving up doesn’t mean that you will stop dreaming. Sometimes, putting a lot of effort to people who won’t even commend your efforts is toxic. They are acidic. They will degrade you for doing what is right. They will hate and curse you for doing what should be done. It’s okay to give up. Giving up means giving space to new and great things to come. Not all things are meant for us. If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger. Why cross oceans for people who won’t even jump puddles for you?

Relive. Now, face the world with a renewed smile. Stop worrying about things. Life has an autocorrect feature. Nature heals itself. You’ll realize that when you ignore stressful people, the world is suddenly more colorful. You are the filter. You are the photographer of your life. You capture the moments that deserve to be remembered. Don’t waste film for useless things.

To the lonely
Retreat. Stop. Don’t hurt yourself. Eat. Try to break that wall. Fight loneliness. You don’t have a duplicate in this world. You are unique. If you have suicidal thoughts, remember that no one can replace you if you take your own life because you are special. You are important in this world even though you think you’re not.

Reassess. Talk to a friend. See someone. Call your best friend. Call your Mom or Dad. They are your cheerers. Or, talk to God. You won’t receive a reply, but you’ll feel comfort and relief. Just talk to Him at night. Just try. Praying won’t cost you a penny. Go to church. Hear the Word of God. Sing. Singing elates you. It reduces stress.

Relive. Depression is not flesh and blood. It’s just in your mind. Remember that you are the captain of your mind. You are the supreme being in your mind. Don’t let loneliness take over you. You are the boss. You are invincible. Use your power, your magic, your mana, or your spells. Fight them. Avada Kedavra!

To the undecided
Retreat. Stop. The first step in solving a problem is knowing that there is one. Stop entertaining unhelpful thoughts. See the problem. Seeing is different from looking; by looking, you just gaze upon it. That’s the main cause of indecisiveness—knowing that there’s a problem but not paying attention to it.

Reassess. What are your options? In every problem, there will always be options. Every problem has a solution. Hard problems have tough options. Being presented by tough solutions blinds us into thinking that there are none, thus leaving us no choice but to declare defeat.

Relive. Learn to see the problem at hand. Don’t use your mouth. Use your mind. Consult a trusted friend. Ask help if needed. No man is an island. We are born to help each other. Don’t personalize your problem. Let people help you. But, don’t make your problems public. Choose the right persons.

And to you
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.(Desiderata, Max Ehrmann)

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