Time And Chance Happen To All

Santia Onnycha D. Ursabia | Fly High Inday

Back in my elementary days, I went through the subjects of Civics and Culture or in Tagalog, Sibika’t Kultura. The past taught me about how the Philippines transitioned from worshipping the anitos and diwatas to having a religion in the name of Catholicism. The growth of the nation then went to rising heroes and warriors who fought for our independence, and in June 12, 1989, we declared freedom from Spanish rule. Everyone enjoyed it until the Martial Law era came.

The Martial Law era was gruesome that it left people devastated up until now. History taught me what happened in the Martial Law era but it never taught me to be angry about what happened during that period.

As a future media practitioner, I’ve heard many of them being jailed, abused and harassed during the Martial Law period. It breaks my heart to think about it and it makes me want to back out from my profession if Martial Law is to happen now. If I were to put my feet on these people’s shoes, I would have been traumatized being raped, unjustly put into prison or even exiled to a distant place far away. I use to get mad about the acts that Marcos did but I know that it will do me no good to hold grudges on what happened in the past. The past was there to teach us a valuable lesson to prepare us for the present and for what is to come. Marcos has done good and bad things in this country, but what remained in the hearts of the Filipinos are bitterness, anger and hatred.

But my point is: I do not want to plant seeds of anger and hatred to the next generation just because of the Martial Law era. I want them to learn from the past and simply move on. But how is moving on so simple when you’ve heard so much pain about that era? It is as simple as entrusting it to the one who created this nation, GOD. God has a purpose why the Martial Law happened and He has His own purpose why Marcos was already buried in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani.

If the people would learn to surrender their anger to GOD and continuously pray for the nation and for the Marcos family, I know a huge change will be coming soon. Life is unfair. Yes, it is. To the people who died during the Martial Law Era without the proper burial, to the people who were wounded and lost, to the fatherless and motherless, know that justice is served because the Philippines has a just GOD. According to the book of Ecclesiastes 9:11, “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” I think it was his time and chance to be buried there. If GOD has forgiven the unforgivable in you, how much more on Marcos. Let us make room for acceptance and forgiveness. If we want to see this nation progressing, let’s stop complaining and start praying.

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