SU pres talks about the uncertainty of the future during All Univ Convo

John Rey L. Villareal

DR. BEN S. MALAYANG III, president of Silliman University, stressed out the “uncertainty and anxiety of the world” during the All-University Convocation last Nov. 14 at the Luce Auditorium.

“We’re divided as to how to look at our future,” Malayang said. He pointed out that these new leaders, including our own country’s President, will divide the people. He stated that some may see it as a “new day dawning”, for others “as a night unfolding”.

“We enter into a second semester, to continue the business of the university of learning, creating new knowledge, advancing knowledge. Yet somehow, uncertain as to what the future will hold of us,” Malayang added, referring to the new semester having the same uncertainties of the new leaders in the various nations.

However, Malayang has confidence on three things: “First, whatever the future will be, we have confidence that our collective intelligence, the history of virtue in this university and our sense of faith will see us through.”

“We’re ushering in a new age or new leaderships in our university. For any in our board, is in the process of searching for new leadership for Silliman,” Malayang said.

He mentioned the process of searching for the new president of Silliman and how “anything new is always anxiety-ridden.”

Malayang stated that he believes in the strength of the university’s constitutions “that if ever any of us go into adherent base and adherent behavior, the institutional regulations will see to it that we will not go to extremes.”

“It’s a way in which the universities, countries, and people are able to make sure that we will continue to survive even in the face of great anxieties on set on us,” he added.

He ended his speech by mentioning that “we can rely on God. That be it day or night, we have a God who is with us and that will make a total difference.”

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