Organizations take a trip down memory lane

Ray Chen S. Bahinting

THE SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY CORPS OF CAMPUS AMBASSADORS organized a booth fair to “trace back the history of Silliman” last Nov. 21 at the Silliman University (SU) East Quadrangle.

According to Roselyn Jane Bolingot, organizer of the event, “Amback” is a historical booth fair that aims for the students to know more about the history of Silliman.

“We [organized] ‘Amback’ in order for the Sillimanians to know how rich [Silliman] history is,” Bolingot said.

This event also aims to “showcase the beautiful and worthy” Silliman culture not just to Sillimanians but to the whole Dumaguete city.

In the booth fair, six landmarks of Silliman University were featured namely: Silliman Hall, Hibbard Hall, SU Church, Katipunan Hall, SU Library, and Luce Auditorium.

These landmarks were chosen via draw lots for each university-registered organization to highlight.

Renaissance Youth Leaders Forum designed the booth for SU Hall, Zamboanga Sibugay for the SU Church, Leyte-Samar Sillimanites for the SU Library, Ang Sandigan for the Luce Auditorium, and the West Visayan Circle for the Hibbard Hall.

Each booth presented visual materials such as the history, important people, and how the building looked before to enable visitors to “know something about a SU landmark.”

Arnel Matthe Balbin, from Leyte-Samar Sillimanites organization which was assigned to the SU Library, said, “[SU Library] is an important structure to SU because not only has it set to the record books as being the largest library in South East Asia, but it is a library that houses almost 10 thousand volumes of different kinds of books and [other reading materials].”

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the patients of Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital.

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