“What are your thoughts on Donald Trump’s victory in the recent US presidential election?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I was surprised! I didn’t think he would win the title as President of the United States. For a man who is not politically inclined, wow! So much things will change for America. On the brighter side, I hope he will still continue the good works of Obama. Despite being hated by many, his victory now has to start by changing the US way of living in a much broader aspect than the past.”
Fearn Anne Acibo, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“I don’t know why he won, honestly. I may not be a US citizen, but as someone who aspires to work there in the future, I am scared about what will happen there in the next years.”
Shane Marie K. Canono, AB Creative Writing III

“I was surprised because like what most people would say, Trump didn’t lead the polls. Clinton was the expected winner for this year’s election. But having said that, we can no longer do anything about this election results. Trump may have been perceived as someone without morals and a racist, but America chose him. It is sad that the most powerful country in the world will be ruled by someone who would abolish the rights of the LGBT community, racism in a sense that he looks at black people lesser, and the BPO companies are also at risk. I think the best thing to do now is pray. We cannot change anything but prayer makes a big difference.”
Esther Micah B. Gillesania, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

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