The Search for the Next Silliman University President

By Merell Lystra L. Recta

Before Dr. Ben S. Malayang III’s term as university president ends, there has been a rigid process of selecting the possible candidates for the next president of Silliman. There were qualifications to be met, and on the final list are the following nominees:

1Among the other candidates, Dr. Beulah Rose R. Torres is the youngest—but that certainly isn’t a hindrance for her. Still qualified to become the next president despite her age, raising the university’s reputation to become a world-class Christian institution is her goal. To realize her vision of bettering the university, she is focused on internalizing Silliman’s core functions in the faculty, students, curriculum, and administration. Currently, she is the associate dean for student services and the associate editor of Bukidnon State University, where she first started her career and earned her doctoral degree in instructional systems design.


2Dr. Efren N. Padilla is an Outstanding Sillimanian awardee, a well-known contributor in the field of urban planning and urban sociology, and currently a full professor at the sociology department of California State University. Seeing Silliman as a non-profit Christian university, he aims to instill a culture devoted to progressive liberal thinking. He believes that Silliman is developing the generation to make a local and international difference which will improve the environment and human condition. He had served the country well as an urban planning consultant for various projects, and can serve better the university with his expertise.


3This woman from Guihulngan, Negros Oriental has been a Sillimanian right from the start—acquiring her high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees in the university. She is no other than Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan. Working in the university for years, one might consider her to be the next president. She also has other affiliations outside the borders of Silliman, such as being the president and board member of the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines. She sees Silliman as a Christian institution which practices whole person education, and would like to further enhance this learning experience as well as widen Silliman’s reach, course offerings, and services.


4Being the oldest among the five candidates, Dr. Macarthur F. Corsino didn’t consider his age as a disadvantage. In most of his career life, he served as a diplomat for the Philippine government, and his experiences under the Department of Foreign Affairs might make him the best suited for the position. If ever he will be chosen as the next president of Silliman, his term will feature three interlocking pillars: Christian faith, international enrichment education, and education to help in nation building. He earned his doctoral degree in political science at Northern Illinois University.



5Being the way, the truth, and the life for  the nation and other parts of the world, is what Dr. Betty C. McCann envisions for the university. She is also concerned with improving non-teaching programs and services. Although she was not raised in Dumaguete, her years of teaching in Silliman, along with her experiences as the university’s acting president from 1992 to 1994 and as associate director of the Asian Christian Higher Education Institute, already gives her a great edge. Among these five candidates, only one will truly serve to fulfill the visions they have for theuniversity. Who do you think will be the next president of Silliman, beginning June 1, 2018?

(Info from the official Silliman University Facebook page.)

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