Marcos Not A Hero


With a 9-5 voting, the Supreme Court allowed the burial of former President and Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) in Taguig City last, Nov. 8.

The SC’s decision agrees with President Duterte’s rationale that Marcos is qualified to be buried in the Libingan because he was a former president and commander-in-chief, ex-soldier, Medal of Valor awardee, legislator, and Secretary of National Defense.

Just because he was a former president and holder of titles and high positions in the government does not mean that Marcos will automatically qualify at the cemetery where the rightful heroes were.

But what constitutes a hero?

A hero is brave enough to admit mistakes, thinks for the improvement of the country and is altruistic – traits that Marcos did not seem to possess.

However, the decision was met with huge uproar by infuriated Filipinos all over the country, especially the families of the Martial Law victims who deemed the court ruling as “unjust” and “inhumane”.

This so-called “hero’s burial” of Marcos proves a great insult to the true heroes of the Martial Law era who suffered various human rights abuses that eventually lead to the death of thousands.

To bury him alongside the people that his administration killed is like consciously forgetting all the atrocities he did in the first place.

To say that he should be given honor because of all the projects Marcos did in his time does not erase him of the crimes he committed such as violence, plunder, mass murder, budget shortfalls and fiscal crises riddled with corruption and many others that caused more harm in the nation and people.

To also say that people should just accept the High Court’s ruling and let the former Dictator be buried in the same grounds as the other valiant citizens of this country is not moving forward but rather, backward. On these grounds alone, he is definitely not qualified. Only heroes are to be buried in the Heroes’ Cemetery as the name so literally states which Ferdinand E. Marcos was not and never will be.

The Weekly Sillimanian sympathizes with the people who fought during the Martial Law era and to the modern generation – the millennials who are the future of this country.

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