The List Goes On

Nocturnal | Irah Stefan Diao

When President Duterte said, “change is coming,” he was determined to make it happen.

After the President declared the state of lawlessness, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) came into play, helping the Philippine National Police (PNP) to prevent lawless violence under the necessary order of the President. Leading towards the recent highlight on the war on drugs, the AFP Chief General Ricardo Visaya received a list containing 1, 100 names of drug personalities who were local officials or police personnel. Some people on the list are famous outside the drug cartel like Cebu Mayor Vicente Loot.

When the war on drugs got the go signal, extrajudicial killings are on everyone’s books. It’s happening whether we like it or not. Gun shots here, wakes there. It’s not only happening at urban areas like Manila but also at rural areas like Siaton, Amlan, etc.The news goes on about deaths of drug users and drug pushers. It’s sad knowing that we hear reports about the killings at a daily basis nowadays.

The dilemma is that from all these killings that we have heard on reports, only a few wealthy and powerful drug personalities got what they deserved—to be in jail. Most of them attested to the police to spare mercy on their lives. Meanwhile, in the locality, people who are pinpointed as drug pushers or drug users belonging to the less fortunate and “nagsisiskap sa buhay” are dead by bullets with matching cardboard signs saying that they are drug dealers or pushers. These are done by random hitmen or riding in tandem to get the job done.Worse, innocent people get to play the victim in this carnage. Do you still think we are safe? If you think that it stops there, the list goes on.

Peace is desired by everyone. It’s tiring and very excruciating to hear deaths because of this war on drugs. As the list goes on, there’s no pause button for these killings. We can’t afford to see this every day and now that there are 1,100 new targets, we need to pray that things will not worsen.The only thing we can now do is trust on the President’s move and hope for the better. As the PNP and AFP work together, there is a high regard towards assuring Filipinos that they will reel in the big drug personalities and give justice towards drug pushers, drug users, and especially the innocents in this mayhem. Soon, maybe after this war, the Philippines will be alright. If things get worse, what’s the next move, Mr. President?

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