“Are you in favor with the execution of Mary Jane Veloso?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift Libby

“I am not in favor of this. And I am sure that the Duterte Administration is doing their best to avoid the execution. Then again, our public officials and our prayers can only do so much. And since sovereignty lies in Indonesia, they have the final say in this dilemma. However, if Mary Jane Veloso is proven to be convicted of drug trafficking in Indonesia, then we have to accept the consequences, regardless if we like it or not. After all, rules are rules. Unlike promises, they cannot be broken. let’s just pray that this time, maybe the rules will be bent.”
Carr R. Lobaton, AB Political Science – III

“The government should treat Mary Jane not as a criminal but as a victim. As Filipinos, our government should be mandated to protect and respect her basic human rights for a dignified life. We should be on her side. Not only was Mary Jane tricked into a false job in Malaysia, where the drugs were supposedly put into her luggage before she was sent to Indonesia, but upon her arrest, she lacked access to justice due to faulty legal procedures. The people who should be made accountable to these actions were the people who tricked her, who used her.”
Margarita Camilla de los Santos, Bachelor of Mass Comminication – III

“No, I am not in favor of Mary Jane Veloso’s execution. I respect Indonesia’s drug prohibition laws and their capital punishment just as I have high regards to our own country’s laws but I as well highly respect Veloso’s right to life. If she is indeed deemed innocent of smuggling heroin into Indonesia provided with enough evidences, she does not deserve to be executed. I believe that drug trafficking is a serious case and that it should be eradicated one way or another but I also believe that execution of law breakers is not the only way to punish them. It does not eradicate
the entire problem, it creates another.”
Carlisle Caroro, AB Political Science – II

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