The Deal with Social Justice in Our Generation

John Rey L. Villareal | Pyramid Ninja

In our generation, with the speed of how information is shared, people have begun to grow aware of the issues plaguing society. However, due to how it is done in the internet (wherein information can come from any source), the information shared are not necessarily fact. Also, another backlash, is the fact that people who strive for actual change have become mixed in with those misinformed or those who are just doing it out of trend.
Social Justice in the internet has become somewhat of a joke. Nobody has ever done anything correlating to political correctness, feminism or even human rights without being ridiculed or ignored at some point. It is because some people take it to extremes by harassing other people on the internet with their viewpoint or are misinformed on what is really going on.
People have to be aware with the issues of society. What prevents us from doing so is because the channel is sometimes plagued with misinformation and trend chasing that the essence of what should be relayed has been lost. People would rather waste out their time with cat videos rather than deal with misinformed opinions and over-dramatic prose.
However, on the other end, the audience should also read up from verifiable sources rather than inform themselves through memes or blogposts. Things like these should not be taken lightly, the world has shrunk with the internet but it has also wallowed itself in information that it cannot comprehend or control. Add that to the fact that reading about these social issues are such a chore.
People are entitled to their own opinion. They have the right to say what they want, however, whether that should be heard or not is another story. Give facts, or prove it. That is how you make an argument with a reason. Let your voice be heard as what it is intended for.
Reason stands above all else. Facts are everything and with our technology, we can get it in a press of a button; all we need to do is give time for it and read the right sources. We are in the days where the information is just in our pockets. All we need to do is check and verify, there are thousands and thousands of material to work on. It is a good time to give it a go.

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