Safety First


As the threats to national security surface and take its toll on everyone, the Silliman University administration, not one to make any chances go by, made an even stricter implementation of its university policies last Sept. 5 regarding tightened campus security measures.
With tightened security, this means a wearing of IDs at all times inside the campus, more security personnel stationed at every gate, and no entry of vehicles without the recent (2015-2016) stickers. This is to ensure that no malicious acts of violence will take place where everyone least expects it.
With that policy in effect until further notice, suddenly, everything is being monitored and every move is being calculated. It may be a frightening thought but at the same time, a freeing thought to be able to go about unharmed and unaffected.
Because of all the whirlwind of change and the happenings in our country, it is an assurance that there are figures of authority in sight doing their very best in keeping up with the times and not letting threats to national security disrupt the freedom of normal living.
But even with the increase in security measures, students, faculty, and staff should not just rely on the guards stationed at every known corner of this institution. All should be mindful of their surroundings with regards to their own safety.
The Weekly Sillimanian urges everyone that besides following the advisories released by the university, each one should do their own intervention in reducing risks by being familiar with personal security precautions against crime attacks, being always prepared for disaster, being alert in detecting any suspicious or odd behaviors and being vigilant in sensing unauthorized presence attempting access to every remote or usual corner of any place.
After all, it is better to detect any known discrepancies in the system before it turns worse because no matter what we do it’s all about safety first, among other things.

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