Katangahan: More Bobo in the Philippines

Junelie Anthony Velonta | Kapitan Halata

Nagmahal. Nasaktan. Nag-post ng picture na nagpapakita ng brip tapos may pa-kowt-kowt pang ‘ayoko nang magmahal’ o kaya anumang kowt na hindi naman related sa brand ng underwear or tipo ng mukha nung nasa picture.”

If ever a would-be trend becomes even barely famous, it is usually the Filipino who has the most access to the Internet that starts the wildfire. From sharing outdated news articles, following up to trends with deranged fanaticism, to taking to the Internet the most insensitive political comments, no one beats the Pinoy who has so much free time but so little knowledge.
It is natural for us to be big-mouthed and loud, after all our whole continent is filled with a whole lot of cultures based on noise. There is nowhere in the country, aside from the religious sites, where silence is the most valued aspect. Noise has to be sourced from somewhere, and this we have taken to the dark interwebs. We have haunted the Internet with our blabbering blabber.
Filipinos tend to repeat themselves. Take for example a friend who always ends up in a wrong relationship. Many advices, but were these being heard? The same proponent in the same wrong relationship is repetition. The drunkard at the local sari-sari store drinks to the death of his liver. He drinks again, and again, and again. If that’s not repetition then his speech will definitely persuade you. The local Pinoy who hates the government and thinks that it’s so cool will definitely repeat the flaws of the government, even with the expense of the deaths of his countrymen.
Let’s face it. With the advent of rapidly advancing technology in the country, more and more Filipinos have access to the Internet – and this access does not directly equate to increase in knowledge. It could be argued that the average Filipino only has access to the Internet because it is “in,” if it were not then many would simply not spend countless hours scrolling past down their Facebook feed doing nothing else.
Let’s face it. The average Filipino has way less knowledge and tends to overreact more than any other nationality. I will not point a finger to the flaws of the government on this, since that is not the point. Pinoys often prioritize being “in” before the act of learning. This may be traced down to our culture but I’m not to talk about that, yet. We are bandwagon people, much more than anyone else and we don’t fact-check beforehand.
Let’s face it. We all have, at one point in our lives, succumbed to bandwagon without even considering its immediate effects to us or to the people around us. Looking back, some will just cringe to their former stupidity; though some tend to embrace the deity of stupidity and degrade further into the abyss. This is seen in many Pinoys who have Internet access, whether for gaming or social media. Worldwide, Filipino gamers are notoriously notorious for being the most annoying person to have in any team. In social media, Filipinos will do anything just for the likes. Well, the chances are almost equal per nationality, but have you seen a Russian in the dead of winter posing only in his underwear all the while captioning about love or almost anything else unrelated to the brand of his underwear? Take for example the only place in the Philippines not recommended for tourism: theFacebook comment section. We, Filipinos, are so diverse in the comment section: there’s the religious fanatic who thinks anything related to science is playing god, there’s the person who literally doesn’t know anything about the topic but joins in anyway, there’s the one who frequently shares stuff that are misunderstood satires or are purely unreliable, there’s the one who thinks he is right because of the fact that he thinks he is right, etc., but the worst of them all are the ones who scoff at the government for not being able to prevent a terrorist attack even though his countrymen died. Of course, there’s no one worse than the last.
Let’s face it. It is more likely that peenoise will say they’re right because they think they’re right. No amount of evidence could dissuade peenoise. We, Filipinos, tend to stick to fanaticism almost instantly, and with this fanaticism comes bigotry. Mind you, bigotry grows deep within the roots of our ancestry. When we have filled ourselves with lies, there’s nowhere else to go but back into the abyss our ancestors tried to desperately climb out of. Sometime, if this katangahan and kabobohan isn’t stopped, we’ll plummet into the inescapable doom. Mind you, Filipinos tend to repeat themselves.

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