How stressed are you?

Merell Lystra Recta

Ever had tons of paper work to do over the weekend? Ever had those seemingly endless tasks to do every day? If so, how stressed are you?
In our fast-paced world, multiple tasks are also at hand. The world seems busier than ever, but along with it is a greater responsibility and a greater pressure. As one grows up, it seems inevitable to handle bigger tasks. As one becomes even more responsible with the bigger community, there are priorities to be considered. As one tries to balance life, the light speed-approaching deadlines and the highly elevated demands of a given task can sometimes put one in a deep personal struggle known as stress. What can stress a student’s life?
First on the list, of course, are the demands that one must meet according to the course he or she has chosen. The struggle to pass a subject is real. Every day, our minds process a lot of information, but there are just days wherein the processing seems slow and all we can do is stare at our homework for some time—wasting the productive hours of our day.
A new place and new people with a different culture—those who come from far-flung places can have the greatest dilemma in adapting to the environment. They may experience homesickness, and somehow that longingness becomes a barrier and a struggle in socializing with others. Not all people are extroverts by nature, making it even more difficult for them to adapt.
With the current generation, dating becomes easier. Having an intimate relationship can be as quick as a melting ice. But at the same time, it could be a stressor since it can distract students from their goals in life. Peer pressure can also be evident in these cases. Not only during elections must one choose wisely, but also when it comes to a circle of friends—the people who can help you achieve your goals and be stress-free all day.
From balancing our social life with studies, most of us may fail to manage our time, which could later on result to sleepless nights. The challenge of time management is the greatest stressor for a student. If more time is devoted for gimmicks and hangouts and less for assigned tasks, one could fail his/.her classes due to poor time management.
Although stress can both be a good and a bad thing, people often mishandle such weight. Most, if not all, fester on the hangover of stress. Getting a not so good score, for example, can last in your thoughts for how many days. Even if the effect disappears temporarily, it seems to haunt you for the rest of the semester. Some effects of stress can last longer than you think, and here are some which might be common:
Bizarre and recurring dreams
Dreams can be an indication that you are stressed about something. Bizarre dreams can make you feel tired for a day’s work. Recurring ones can also drain you mentally—making your mind fully occupied—and should not be tolerated.
Hair loss
Drastic hair fall can be an aftereffect of stress. Although stress is not the primary culprit to hair loss, it is a major contributor to it—especially if one lacks sleep or has changes in appetite.
Abdominal fat
Unknowingly, fats can also be affected by your stress level. This is where stress eating knocks, making you munch on those unneeded carbs. When stressed, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol as a coping mechanism, which in turn makes you feel hungry. Usually, these cravings go straight to your waistline, adding more volume to your belly.
Irritability and mental illness
Being stressed can irritate you often. You would feel that you have a lot of ‘stuff’ to do and sometimes, the disturbance of other people can put you in rage mode, affecting your relationship with them. Stress can even go beyond the border, leading to even more serious mental states such as depression.
Managing our stress levels is very important for us to be healthy individuals. Stressed? That’s normal. We all experience it, no exceptions. Even the happiest person can get stressed at times. It all matters on how we balance our priorities.
No matter what we need to submit to our teachers for our grades, the expectations we are to meet, and the pressure our society exerts on us, these shouldn’t be an excuse for us to constantly be stressed. Keep in mind that life is a wonderful piece of art, and we only have one chance to live it. Let us be the artist of our own lives and make an extraordinary masterpiece of ourselves. Be stress-free and fly!

*with notes from http://www.activebeat.com, http://www.stressmanagementblog.com

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