“What is your stand on the freedom of information act?”

Gresheen Gift Libby

“The President’s efforts towards upholding transparency and accountability in the government through an executive order is highly appreciated. The EO on Freedom of Information, however, has far too many exceptions to be transparent. The EO does not cover the House of Representatives, the Judiciary and the Senate and is only limited to the executive branch. It is preferable for the EO to be institutionalized to provide appropriate criminal charges and penal sanctions to the violators of the law. Most importantly, if it will be institutionalized, the FOI will not be easily removed by the next
administration because it is a law and if it is just an EO, it will still depend on the next administration to adopt it or not. If the EO will be legislated, I’m enthusiastic on an accountable, transparent and honest government. ”
Cliff Japhet M. Cafe, Bachelor of Science in Social Work IV

“In my opinion, Transparency is one of many keys to eliminate corruption in the country. And it starts with the 2nd EO that the Duterte Administration has just passed, the freedom of information. Now, people can access to informations which were not accesible in the past administration. And what I like about it is that the DoJ has the final say on whether or not to give of the information through due process. I hope that, one way in the other, it would lessen the unending corruption that has been strangling us Filipinos for years. Support is what the administration needs and it is support we give.”
Patrick Pol L. Lacandula, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering III

Next Issue’s Question:
“What are your thoughts on the security measures that Silliman has recently implemented?”

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