Pan Hel pres kicked out of Hibalag

Ray Chen Bahinting

The president of the Pan Hellenic society was escorted out of the Hibalag booth area due to “sudden interruption of the Miss Silliman pageant live stream” last Aug. 24.

Kyle Duazo, a junior mass communication student, was having his show, “Talentadong Sillimanian” when a Committee on Student Organization (ComSO) member, together with six security guards escorted him out of the Hibalag booth area and banned him from entering the booth area until 9 a.m. the next day.

Pan Hellenic’s show “Talentadong Sillimanian” featured a dance crew, solo artists, and local bands. It was scheduled to run from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m at the Hibalag Booth Area. However, it was cut off one hour and 15 minutes after it started because of the midweek service at the Silliman University (SU) Church.

“I was mad, I was extremely mad that [I had to be cut off at 6p.m. for the midweek service]. I did not know about it before. This person [from ComSO] was telling me, ‘we didn’t know either.’ I don’t care if it’s not your fault. It is your job to know these things. It’s Wednesday, there’s midweek service every week. It’s not like it’s something new in Silliman,” Duazo said.

Monique Recto, from ComSO, said, “We weren’t informed about that, kanang ipa stop, kato ra jud nga time mi gi inform. We explained to Kyle that the orders [to stop the show] were coming from the SU Buildings and Grounds a.k.a administration so we can’t do anything.”

But, Duazo “insisted” to resume their show right after the midweek service.

Despite only having 45 minutes left for their show, Duazo asked ComSO if he can get more time than what is left just to finish all their bands’ performances.

The ComSO events team offered Duazo the 10 p.m. to 12 midnight slot for their show to resume after the live streaming of Miss Silliman pageant.

“We talked to the bands nga mu-perform if okay lang ba nila mu-perform pagka– 10 p.m., and okay lang man nila,” Recto said.

However, ComSO allowed one band to perform at 7:15 p.m., as per Duazo’s request, although the Miss Silliman pageant was starting.

“Suddenly, nay ga tingog-tingog sa stage, naay ga yaw-yaw while ga live stream ang Miss Silliman and everyone was watching na the live stream.  When I looked, Kyle was there, talking with the mic. Next thing I knew, he brought a barber with him on stage and started to get his head shaved. Of course na shock mi kay ga live stream na and he interrupted it,” Recto explained.

“So I went to him and asked what he was doing and he said he is getting his head shaved (obviously). So I went to the sound booth and asked the operators who gave him a mic and they said nga ni-adto siya didto and told them nga nakapananghid na daw siya namo, which is not true.” Recto said.

“Mao nay nakapait dira kay ni interrupt siya diretso sa event, wala siya nananghid. I told the operators to turn off the mic and the spot light,” Recto added.

Duazo, on the other hand said, “When I was shaving my head, two ComSO members came by and I explained to them through the microphone that ‘I am doing this for cancer patients; this is our event in the Pan Hellenic society, the ‘Lose hair to raise care’ advocacy.”

“Then they asked the guys from sound booth to turn off the mic and spotlight. I finished my head getting shaved, then I watched Miss Silliman live stream,” Duazo said.

According to Duazo, he was waiting for his show to resume when a person from Royhle Filght Training Academy asked him if he could use the microphone for an announcement on stage.

Duazo then assisted him to the ComSO booth and explained to them what the person needed.

“I think that really pissed them off when I brought the guy over. They’re like mad at me on talking to them again after what I did; like the nerve of me,” Duazo said.

“I was waiting and talking to the Royhle guy when Monique came up with six guards and wanted me to be out of Hibalag,” he said.

Recto, who was in charge of the Hibalag booth area, said: “I texted Niña Sung (ComSO chairperson) and about what [Kyle Duazo] did. And a few minutes later, Niña called and told me to get the security guards to escort him outside the campus, orders from sir [Abe Cadeliña, Student Organization and Aid Division head].”

On the other hand, Cadeliña said, “It was my instruction to ComSO to ask for assistance from the security guards about Kyle but I did not instruct them to kick him out of Hibalag. Why would I ask the guards to kick him off Hibalag when in fact he is a student of ours? If he was an outsider, then by all means, kick him out. ”

Cadeliña added the issue was a case of miscommunication, misinterpretation and misconception of things which led to “heightened emotions.”

“I did tell ComSO that if there is any problem, you ask assistance from the guards. Assistance is different from kicking somebody out,’ he added

Last Friday, Sept. 2, Duazo, ComSO and Cadeliña sat with Dr. Edna Calingacion, dean of students, to “settle everything.”

Cadeliña said, “[The issue], to put it bluntly, it is so childish. These are just minor tensions between [ComSO] and Kyle because of other issues. One thing led to another and then again the height of emotions. And you know what happens when you are at your highest point of emotions nga mura nag it would make you do something out of proportion.”

Cadeliña added that the “tension” between Duazo and ComSO was because of “anger caused by deeper reasons.”

“During our settlement, we dig, not just what happened in Hibalag, but the issues way back. That is why I really wanted them to sit down and face each other because I knew there was something more,” he said.

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