DAKILA conducts forum on heroism

Gresheen Gift M. Libby

The makers of the widely-acclaimed independent film “Heneral Luna” came to Silliman University to promote the newest film, “Hermano Puli” in a forum named “Bayani Ba’To? Heroism X Pag-Ibig.”

The forum made possible by DAKILA, T-Rex Entertainment, and in partnership with the Kapunungan sa Mga Mass Communicators last September 5 at the Silliman Hall.

DAKILA is an organization that aims to build a movement of heroism towards social transformation. Last 2015, they brought “Heneral Luna” to over 40 schools nationwide. The result was a massive following of “Heneral Luna” from mostly millennials.

This 2016, they aim to do the same – bring the newest film “Hermano Puli” to the students and to educate them of this lesser-known Filipino hero. DAKILA Dumaguete organized the event.

“Hermano Puli” follows the story of a young preacher named Apolinario de la Cruz, who leads a movement for equality and religious freedom for his fellow Filipinos but was condemned to death by the friars for heresy.

Gil Portes, the director of “Hermano Puli”, said that it took him 21 years to make that film a reality.

“There was a lot of financial concerns… we literally had to move heaven and earth just to film it,” Portes said.

He also said that although 21 years was a long time, his love for the hero and filmmaking is what inspired him to keep going.

The lecture about history and heroism was headed by Alvin Campomanes, a historian from the University of the Philippines Manila. He wrote the official study guide of “Heneral Luna” and “Hermano Puli.”

“When you learn history, everything around you starts to make sense and that’s what makes you more human,” Campomanes said.

Campomanes also discussed about Hermano Puli’s love of God, love of his nation, and love of his neighbors.

“I am confident that the millennials will like it,” Portes said. “There is an Hermano Puli in each one of us. We don’t have to die, or stage a revolution for us to become heroes. But by doing simple things – maybe helping someone in need- you’ll never know if that act alone changed their lives. And that’s what makes us heroes.”

“Hermano Puli” will be shown nationwide on September 21.

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