Amid Dark Times


It is during this time that Filipinos should gather to pray for peace in this country. It is during this time that Filipinos should cooperate, not aggravate. It is during this time that Filipinos should murmur, not clamor. It is during this time that Filipinos should unite against one enemy: themselves.

During this time, being critical is not an option. Lives. Remember, lives were lost. The country has been in a tremor these past few weeks. From drug control to extrajudicial killings, casualties are escalating.

Just recently, a blast killed 14 people last Sept. 2 in Davao City. Authorities reported that 67 others were injured in the blast. The President declared “state of lawlessness” nationwide to strengthen internal security.

Fourteen lives. It’s a waste to sacrifice fourteen lives for no purpose. It is obvious that the President has a lot of detractors due to his unconventional ways. But to include innocent lives is cruel.

It is inappropriate to bash incompetency and weigh it with the lives lost. Many people posted on social media, expressing their hate regarding broken promises of change, and of peace and order.

The Weekly Sillimanian remains strong amid threats to national security. We believe that this is not the time to blame authorities, but this is the time for the whole nation to stand up and pray. We encourage everyone to be resilient amid dark times. It is during these times that we need to hold each other’s hands and be as one nation. For this is our motherland, we need to protect it from our own demons.

For the enemy has been here, and the Filipinos didn’t notice it. The enemy is self-interest. The enemy of the Filipino is himself.

About theweeklysillimanian (1996 Articles)
Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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