OSA awardee lectures on psychology’s role in the military

Stephanie Ria Colinco

“AS A MILITARY doctor, my presence alone can bring peace…the military is not only for wars,” Outstanding Sillimanian Awardee (OSA) 2016 said as she described her role in peacemaking during the Balik-Talent Lecture of the Psychology Department last Aug. 26.

Col. Jocelyn Pancrudo Turla, OSA in the field of medical service in the military, added that she is very passionate with her job, especially in her field of pediatrics.

“I like innovating for my patients, even if I have to spend from my own pocket. The feeling of fulfillment is inexplicable…we are guided by the way, the truth, and the life,” Turla said.

Turla graduated from Silliman University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1981. She now serves as the chief surgeon of the Philippine Navy.

According to Turla, psychologists are one of the most important components in the medical corps of the military.

“[Our] Medical Service Mission is to…promote the mental and emotional well-being of soldiers…We need more activities for our soldiers, especially [those with] war shock,” Turla said.

Turla added that psychological assessments are constantly given to military men, therefore, there is a need for psychologists in this field.

“In almost every activity in the military, we are required to take psychological tests…I think dying is the only activity when we no longer have to take a test,” Turla said jokingly.

According to Turla, she does not feel discriminated in the military because of her gender.

“It depends on the leadership ability. I’m a commanding officer in the hospital, so they should follow me. However, for me, the discrimination can come in the form of not giving high positions to women yet,” Turla said.

She added, “The position of general in the medical corps has not been given to a woman…I am still hopeful that I will get that.”

Among her many achievements is being named one of The Outstanding Philippine Soldiers 2016 where she is the only woman in the group.

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