Masscom alumni get awards for outstanding success

Julien Marie Piñero

TEN OUTSTANDING ALUMNI from the College of Mass Communication have been accorded in the Golden Jubilee Awards Night due to their outstanding success in their respective fields.

The awardees were: Carla Gomez (BMC 1982), an awardee on professional achievement in community journalism; Marissa Dames (BSM 1981, cum laude), an awardee on media entrepreneurship in advertising-public relations; Adolfo Pacana Beltran (BSM 1984), was awarded on his professional achievement in communication management; Maria Zenaida Sarabia-Panol (BJ 1977, magna cum laude), was awarded on her professional achievement in Academe; Alex Rey Pal (BMC 1983), was awarded on his professional achievement in government broadcasting; Emmanuel Dejaresco (BJ 1969), who excelled in media entrepreneurship in community journalism; Ed Dames (BSM 1981, cum laude), a professional achiever in advertising-event marketing; Andrea H. Trinidad-Echavez (BMC 1992) and Yolanda B. De Guzman (BMC 1978, magna cum laude), were both awarded through their professional achievement in Advocacy Communication; and Nilo B. Paurom, a professional achiever in print journalism.

The judges for choosing the 10 outstanding alumni were: Florangel B. Braid, president emeritus, Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication; Alice C. Villadolid, former New York Times correspondent and assistant press secretary of President Cory C. Aquino; Betty McCann, former VP for programs at Hong Kong-based United Board for Christian Higher Education and former acting president of Silliman University; Ramon Tuazon, president of Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication and secretary-general of Asian Media Information Centre (AMIC); and Domini Torrevillas, outstanding Sillimanian awardee and Philippine Star columnist.

The main criteria for the awards are success and achievements in the graduate’s chosen professional field. As in the Outstanding Sillimanian Awards, the criteria also consider the life of the nominee as a reflection of the “Via, Veritas, Vita.”

The awards night was attended by Dr. Ben S. Malayang III and Dr. Crispin Maslog, the first permanent director of the now 50 year-old college. 165 mass communication alumni from all over the world also came to the event.

Ed Dames, event director said, “tonight’s event almost didn’t happen given many challenges that we faced…but if something is really worth doing, it will get done.”

The Golden Jubilee Awards Night of the Silliman University College of Mass Communication was held last Aug.25 at Bethel Guest House.

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