Woodcarving exhibit from Siquijor displayed in Luce

Karah Jane Sarita

From Kanheron, an American Old West museum in Siquijor, a woodcarving exhibit is presented from Aug.16 to 31 at the Claire Isabel McGill-Luce Auditorium foyer.

The woodcarving exhibit is made by Mr. Daryl Y. Cuaresma. Cuaresma studied art and architecture but never completed either. At age 43, he pursued Western American art which then became his occupation. Later, he started to develop and experiment his own style of etching and burning.

The exhibit in Luce consists of Layun of Kanheron (Lion), Husky (Dog), Pate Rider (Clint Eastwood), My Ole Fren (Horse), Golden Heart (Eagle), Sugarol (Rooster), and Secretariat.

“For me, it’s to showcase the gift that our country has. We’re blessed with natural resources and with this kind of art, [which is] actually mixed with American arts, it showcases that we are one with nature …” Jeya Baylosis, Luce Auditorium usherette, said.

A senior high student, Iniaki Montenegro said, “I think it’s very beautiful, it’s so creative to use [wood] this way. Who would’ve thought? We use wood all the time to build houses and boats … you can certainly feel strong emotions just by looking at [the woodcarvings] ….”

According to Montenegro, it is important not only for students, but also for people in general to look at art because society is full of problems. With art, they can get a diversion for a short time and relax.

“When I look at the lion, I just feel power and majesty and so, it’s important that we look at these [woodcarvings] so we could feel [emotions] and be inspired,” Montenegro added.

Kanheron was opened last 2015 by Cuaresma and his wife Maribel Sumalpong.

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