“What are your thoughts on President Duterte’s SONA?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I think that President Rody’s SONA is full of promise and hope for the nation. I like that he also tackled a lot of issues of the country in his speech.”
Esther Micah B. Gillesania, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“President Duterte’s SONA was an eye-opener to the public. He is really passionate in his war on drugs. He was also very natural in his ad-libs and jokes that made the people crack up.”
Queenie A. Vincoy, Bachelor of Science in Education Major in English IV

“He sure knows how to make the people listen to his humor. I just hope he will take action to all of his promises.”
Alven Marie A. Timtim, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“It was quite okay for me because he really discussed the problems that we are facing right now, and I hope that he would implement what he said during his SONA.”
Isabel M. Villamor, Nutrittion and Dietetics II

Next Issue’s Question:
“What are your expectations for Hibalag 2016?”

For your answers, just text the CIrculation Manager (09177013806).
Indicate your full name (with middle initial), course and year.

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