“What are your thoughts on the new membership policy transition that will be implemented next year by SUSG ComSo?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I think that students should have the right to choose their own orgs because they can’t be forced to join something that they don’t want to be a part of, because it is a burden on their part and it will only result to apathy. Frankly speaking. I am in favor of students taking their own initiative to join orgs that will help them grow and motivate them.”
Enrique Felix R. Barot, AB Sociology IV

“The motivations for the implementation of the policy are good. However, Comso needs to find a mechanism that will help smaller colleges like Mass Comm, IRS, and Nursing, who have one council and org, adapt to this policy change. This is also going to rock established systems in the colleges so I hope when the time arrives that Comso will be met by these challenges, they will be pioneers in mitigating the problem and not leave it to the hands of the council/org.”
Val Amiel Vestil, Bachelor of Mass Communication IV

Next Issue’s Question:

“What are your thoughts on President Duterte’s SONA?”

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