SUHS prepares for centennial celebration

By Eric Gerard D. Ruiz

THE SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL (SUHS) held its press conference for the SUHS Centennial celebration last July 4, 2014 at the Raj Kumar Hassaram Hall.

The events will officially start with the “Centennial Fiesta sa Silliman High” on Aug. 25. SUHS Centennial Committee Member Girlie Bernardez said that the centennial fiesta is the time for the alumni to revisit SUHS and reunite with classmates and friends. She added that the committee prepared live band concerts during the said event.

On Aug. 26, A “Benefit Gala Dinner for a Cause” will be held for the SUHS Teachers Retirement Assistance Medical Fund (STREAM). According to Bernardez, the tickets for the gala will cost Php600. The proceeds of the gala will go the fund.

Grace Sumalpong, SUHS Centennial Committee Chair, said that a part of the net proceeds of the August Rush will go to STREAM.

Sumalpong added that this fund is for the retired teachers who are no longer enjoying medical benefits after retirement.

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