“What qualities do you want the next SU president to possess?”

Compiled by Lizbeth Mae  B. Andaya


“Just, Firm, Assertive, and a Visionary.”

Ruhel Jon Besinga, Bachelor of Science in Psychology  III
“Loyal, and possesses good leadership skills.”

Vince Audrie M. Fabillar, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting  I


“The next SU President should possess great leadership skills that would not only create but eventually develop a significant bond between the students and the administration. It is for the purpose of making them knowledgeable about the day-to-day affairs we make. And most importantly, it will give the students the opportunity to voice out their concerns and vice-versa.”

Jesser Gale Pinote, Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology  III


The kind of person who sees urgency of everyone’s needs and complaints. A person who embodies the motto of Silliman University: “Via, Veritas, Vita”.

Sean Caballes, Bachelor of Science in Psychology III



Next Issue’s Question:

“Has the SUSG this year catered to the student’s

opinions and concerns? Why or why not?”



For your answers, just text the Circulation Manager (09068874424).  Indicate your full name (with middle initial), course and year.


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