Sillimanians Speak: “Do you think politicians should be given guide questions before an interview? Why or why not?”  


No, because we don’t need dumb individuals serving our country.

Jeck G. Tirambulo, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness III


No, because if they’d be given guide questions, there are possibilities that they’re not going to be true with their answers. And we all know that when they speak before election, too many flowers come out from their mouths.

Rachel Veran, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering  II


No, politicians should not be given questions before an interview. As a leader, he or she should be well-updated on what is going and what people need or requires from him or her. Hence, he or she should be ready to argue and show the potential about his/her leadership. I think going to an interview for the politician is like fighting one-on-one with your enemy. Therefore, he/she should be well-equipped.

Sarah C. Towett, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology II


No. Politicians should not be given guide questions for the interview so that the public could rule out which among the candidates are educated and prepared for the position they are running for. Take a look at Alma Moreno, does she deserve your vote?

Ben Carl Yee, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science III


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