BG clarifies Frisbee players’ move from west quad

Frisbee players who used to practice in the west quadrangle are transferred to the Ravello Field and Cimafranca Ballfield.

The Negros Oriental Ultimate Players Association (NOUPA) was advised by the BG to move to the west quadrangle after asking for a permit last semester. Despite the decision of the BG, the association still sent series of request to use the area.

NOUPA President Jazper Favor said that the ultimate players consider the west quadrangle as ‘the center of the ultimate in Negros Oriental and Silliman University.

Meanwhile, Buildings and Grounds (BG) Superintendent Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga clarified that the university promotes sports, but “in the proper place or field.”

He also said in an interview that they allowed students and alumni to play Ultimate Frisbee, but the players need to follow the protocols of the university.

Ygnalaga explained that since last year, they received complaints from students and faculty who passed by the Amphitheatre that the players were saying ‘bad words.’ He added that car owners who parked near the west quadrangle also complained.

As a response, the association made a letter attached to their permit. On the letter, they stated that they will pay any damage they will commit during their games and practices.

According to Favor, they also talked to the students and car owners and arrange with them for any damage. The team, however, stopped playing in the area because the grasses needed to grow, the players had to transfer to the Ravello Field.

“We try to push through with our request because the west quadrangle is a highlight area in Silliman where people know where the ultimate is being played,” Favor said.

On security reasons, Ygnalaga said that guards cannot control the outsiders who are also Frisbee players. He also said that some of the gumamela plants were destroyed, affecting the landscape of the university.

“Our quadrangle is not intended for sports because it’s a landscape. We need to protect our landscape because we spend money for it and it’s a frontline of the university,” Ygnalaga said.

Ygnalaga stressed that the players are not banned, but there will be changes as the university wants to promote sports properly. He said both the Ravello Field and Cimafranca Ballfield are free to be used for playing sports. The players need to arrange the schedule of practice in the PE department since there are already several Frisbee teams using these fields.

Favor said that their association made a policy that upholds discipline and accountability within the organization.

He explained that outsiders are guest players of ultimate and they willingly follow the rules of the university. He added that players are also concerned with the landscape and cleanliness of the area.

“We made a policy before so we will be allowed to play. We pay for any damage and we talked to people concerned during our practices. We are willing to follow rules because we are accountable too.”

He added that “foul languages” cannot be controlled.

“Just like other sports, it’s hard to control foul languages, but we minimize it as much as possible.”

Earl Stanley Gasendo, one of the first Ultimate Frisbee players in Silliman University and Negros Oriental, said that no major damage has been done ever since they started playing in the west quadrangle.

“It’s so sad for us because since 2007, wala’y naguba, wala may nawala,” Gasendo said. (…nothing got broken, nothing got lost.)

There are 14 official teams composing the NOUPA.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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