SU faculty can improve credentials, says Malayang

Faculty members of Silliman University (SU) can improve their credentials and capabilities during the enrolment interruption after K-12’s full implementation next year, said SU President Dr. Ben Malayang III in an interview.

“We will not do away with our faculty because of K-12. We need to work for resources to help them upgrade their credentials and capabilities so by 2022, we actually have a better faculty,” Malayang said.

In 2016, the two-year Senior High School (SHS) program will take effect with the Grade 11 students. In 2017, these students will be in Grade 12. During these years, there will be no freshmen enrolees in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Without enrolment, there will not be enough income for HEIs and this threatened many jobs for teachers since they also would not have any first and second year students to teach.

Despite the fear of crisis due to K- 12, Malayang assured that the administration has set up “packages of measure” or steps to prevent this threat until college enrolment returns back to normal in 2022.

Malayang said that other schools see these years with loss of jobs and early retirement for teachers, but in SU, he said that the faculty will be given time and opportunity to get master’s degrees, PhDs, and do researches.

In the university, 14 percent of faculty members have PhDs. The university aims to reach at least 30-40 percent by 2022.

The university is making sure that there are scholarships, fellowships, and funding for research and publications for the faculty.

“Our faculty is among the best in the country. The role of the university is to make sure that there are these opportunities for them,” Malayang added.

Malayang believes that a better faculty means better capabilities and mastery in teaching. He stressed that teachers need to be given the chance to improve their teaching methods.

He also said that the challenge for SU is to adjust the teaching load of the faculty due to the change in curriculum. In this curriculum shift, some college faculty will be teaching in SHS.

SU will keep its faculty, but Malayang said that they need to adjust to the SHS curriculum.

With the given opportunities, Malayang stressed that these measures will not be imposed to the faculty.

by Leslie J. Batallones

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