Power and the people

With the advent of the 2016 elections, politics now come into mind. Who to support? Who do we trust? These are the questions that our generation of voters face. We all have the concern for the well-being of the country’s future in our minds. For us, the only way we can truly act on it is with the right decision — to cast the decisive vote on the respective candidate in the elections. Nowadays, political ambition is what feeds most campaigns of currently running candidates for our local and national elections. This ambition, depending on how it is used, can either be a good or bad thing.

Gone are the days of humble candidates ready to stand up for the common people, I suppose. With our current situation of turmoil in the government, revelations of corruption even in the highest positions of the top brass, gives us the image that many, if not most, of our present leaders cannot be trusted with tax-payer’s money, let alone power. Napoles and Binay are just two of the many names that the Ombdusman are keeping a close eye on. It just goes to show that in this generation, political ambition can be a dangerous play; not just for the politician, but for all stakeholders. Unfortunately for us, we bet our future on those candidates who have enough money to run for office. Many of their campaigns talk about “For the people,” or anything that will make you believe that they would run just for you; but never have they ever stated the horrid truth that it is all just for them. A façade can be created just as easily as it can be diminished, and for many politicians, facades can be destroyed quickly after a decisive victory. As what we have learned from previous administrations, promises of a stable future can be broken. So, in times like these, how do we sort out the words from actions?

Think critically for a second, and tell yourself to choose the best candidate through wisdom. Set their record straight without listening to their carefully designed ad boards which are thought out to sell the candidate to you. Do research from trusted sources. Knowledge is key in this race, and with our country’s future at stake, you really need to know. Finding a candidate with a good service record might just be a small thing, but a single vote might be the difference between a stable or unstable country. Look past their political ambition and find a politician that fits your own outlook for a stable and prosperous nation.

By: Benhur David T. Cemini
Column Name: Black Cheese

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