Sillimanians Speak: “What’s your stand on the Bureau of Customs randomly checking Balikbayan boxes?”

“The boc’s need to inspect and make sure that there are no loopholes for the smugglers to enter is quite understandable and noble. I think they’re just doing their job and they should be commended. But it is a big no when it comes to the privacy of the OFWs. I mean, you can’t just open a box without the sender or the recipient”s consent.

-LJ Zaphan Lamboloto, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy- II

For me, it is unfair because they are going through your own things. They should respect privacy in. What is the use of x-ray machines and cameras anyway? Randomly checking balikbayan boxes is a waste of time and randomly checking balikbayan boxes can be a modus operandi for stealing things inside it.

-Santia Onnycha Ursabia, Bachelor of Mass Communication- III

I believe that Sen. Marcos is right in saying that what the Bureau of Customs is doing is a form of harassment to OFW’s. These balikbayan boxes are private properties of OFWs. There are certain risks that apply when the BOC opens the package, several items could go missing and that would be devastating to the OFW who worked hard to be able to purchase or gain such items for their loved ones overseas.

-Arkenson Duran, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering- II

Bureau of Customs should only use x-ray machines to check the contents of the Balikbayan boxes because it would be invasive to the owners of the box.

-John Kenneth Delapa, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Dietetics- II

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Compiled by: Jessica Remata

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