Hitting the High Notes: Silliman Idol 2015

Nine years of showcasing the best singing talents in the university, Silliman Idol has once again given the spotlight to a Sillimanian whose signature voice won the most awaited singing competition in the university.

Silliman Idol is open to all Sillimanians; may they be students, faculty and staff—open to all ages. This year, one hundred hopeful souls auditioned for the competition. Five remained to compete for the final night.

Fourth runner up, a BS Mechanical Engineering sophomore namedBill June Quezon, is a happy-go-lucky yet a persistent young man. He strives hard to reach his goal. During the second elimination of the competition, one of the judges complimented him for being a ‘“total performer” when he sang “English Man in New York” by Sting.

Aside from joining SU Idol, Bill is also a member of an organization that aims to express themselves through art and music, the Indievided.

“Music is my passion. I joined to gain confidence and experience. People must expect the unexpected,” he said.

Third Runner up Kirsten Jaya Duran, a third year BS Psychology student, is a versatile artist. She said she could sing reggae, soul, pop music, rock, classic, dance hall, and R& B.

Aside from SU Idol, she shows her passion for singing by joining bands and performing during her gigs in the different establishments here in the city. She is also a member of a church band, where she actively participates in singing praise and worship songs during church activities.

“As an artist, I am flexible and I am always open for changes and improvement. Also, faith in God brings out the artist in me,” she said.

Second runner up, a senior BS Architecture student named Eric Duhaylungsod, is one of the few artists who perform like no one else is watching.  He is carefree with his gestures and dance moves as long as he can give justice to a song.  He swept the crowd away when he danced through the beat of “Nosi Ba Lasi” by Sampaguita during the first elimination.

His song choice during the third round of the Finals Night—which is “Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith—captivated the heart of the audience especially the ladies as they scream when he sings the chorus.

“SU Idol is an opportunity for me to share my talent and people can expect me to rock their world,” he said.

This year’s first runner up, BS MT junior Glendale Roja, is a quiet guy. But when he speaks, anyone can get hooked with his humor. Aside from being a singer, Glendale also has proven his talent in theater arts through KABSI. He played the main role in the play “Piggy Bank” and he also was one of the cast members in “Jonah the Explorer”. Other than being humorous, when he sings he could influence the crowd because of his heartfelt performances.The judges’ song choice for him during the first round melts the hearts of the people as he emotionally sang “Said I Love You…But I Lied” by Michael Bolton.

“In this competition people can see the best in me, because SU Idol is the platform of dreams that opens opportunities to enhance our capabilities,” he said.

The champion for this year’s SU Idol, Dyna Joy Claret, a freshman BS Psychology student, is a small charming lady who possesses a powerful voice. Her hoarse voice brings out her fierce persona as an artist. She is never afraid to choose the songs with high range. Her song choice for the grand finals, “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga, made the crowd so energetic that they go with the beat while Dyna was gracefully singing.

“I like to share my talent and inspire people. In this competition they’d see me as Dyna, the Rockstar Diva. I will also shine bright like a diamond, esteDYNAmond,”she said.

Dyna is a demure and quiet young lady. But when she goes up the stage, she is a different person anymore, not shy but overflowing with confidence, not quiet but booming with melody

The top 5 finalists share the same stage that night proving their worth to become the Silliman Idol 2015.

“They may be given points for their performances, but they can already be considered Silliman Idols,” said Mr. Giovanni Punzalan, one of the judges.

Silliman Idol 2015 is not just a competition for the contestants. It is also a fulfillment of their dreams; a stepping stone towards a greater goal for their singing career.

By Ronelyn Faith Vailoces and Christian Renz Torres

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