Two SUSG resolutions passed, approved

The Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) approved two resolutions that make liquid soaps and toilet paper available regularly in university comfort rooms to ensure good hygiene, sanitation, and lessen the spread of diseases last Sept. 4.

Resolution No. 1 is titled as the “A Resolution for Ensuring the Availability of Liquid Soaps in Every Comfort Room of Silliman University through the SUSG Health Committee.” It aims to lower the risk of infection or contamination among Sillimanians.

The resolution states that handwashing is “an integral part of an individual’s health, often making it as the best preventive measure against ailments.” It also explains that soap is an essential element in proper handwashing.

Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Rep. Cedrick Louis Antiquina, the author of the two resolutions, said that he noticed that the majority of comfort rooms in the campus lacked soap.

“Believing that the SU Administration is very much concerned of our health, hence the X-ray [requirement] upon enrollment, I decided to make a [resolution] to remind those concerned that we have an overlooked thing in our comfort rooms,” said Antiquina.

Meanwhile, Resolution No. 2 is known as “A Resolution for Providing Toilet Paper in Every Academic Building Comfort Rooms of Silliman University through the SUSG Health Committee.”

The resolution states that the unavailability of toilet paper in most comfort rooms discourages individuals from removing waste, which might lead to stomach and intestine ailments.

The resolution will also help individuals who cannot get more tissue paper from vending machines.

Furthermore, in order to maintain the availability of both liquid soaps and toilet paper in every comfort room, the SUSG Health Committee will coordinate with related units of the SU Administration to conduct a weekly inspection as stated in the resolution.

SUSG President Kirk Philip Emperado said that so far, he received three resolutions from the representatives. He rejected one of the resolutions on giving free access to representatives for some Founders Week activities in order for them to assess the events and give suggestions for improvement.

The resolutions are now in effect after being approved by Emperado and Speaker of the House Rep. Ebenezer Manzano.

By Ray Chen S. Bahinting

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