SU Med School scores 100% in board exam

For six consecutive years, Silliman University Medical School reached another 100 percent passing rate. The 24 new licensed physicians for the class of 2014 passed the board exam last August. They are:

Alojado, Voltaire Lajot

Amahit, Carmelle Bailado

Amante, Jonathan Kadusale Jr.

Bagalanon, Fereylou Acaylar

Bandian, Blas Sara, Jr.

Bulaybulay, Bianca Camille Nakila

Cinco, Desse Jane Escoral

Damiles, Rudy Jiggs Tuanggang

Daymiel, Maria Floribeth Zamora

De Guzman, Ray Raphael Tan

Dones, Donnah Laizabeth Angot

Gacutan, Mark Gregory Castor

Go, Bimchil Dierdre Bollos

Guillen, Davie Zamora

Hadjula, Riza Reef Talling

Laurel, Laurence Escaño

Mercado, Gale Rizzae Boncaron

Montes, Model Grace Alarde

Oracion, Dino Enrique Macias

Tagle, Jose Mari Kadusale

Tinagan, Jean Frances Valerie Jubas

Tubat, Warner Alabata

Uy, Christopher Descallar

Villamor, Diana Meteoro

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, 2,491 out of 2,921 passed the Physician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Medicine in the cities of Manila, Cebu, and Davao this August 2015.

By Leslie J. Batallones

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