SU literary journal now accepting submissions

Sands and Coral(S&C), Silliman University’s annual literary journal and the oldest academic literary folio in the country, is accepting submissions for its 2015-2016 issue.

S&C is open to all Sillimanians, including alumni and Silliman University National Writers Workshop former fellows and panelists.

Veronica Vega, the S&C editor-in-chief, said that they are looking for prose in fiction and creative nonfiction, short fiction, and excerpts of a novel-in-progress. Poetry, comics, artworks, and photos may also be submitted.

Vega aims to be “more aggressive” about S&C and wants more students to be aware and involved with Silliman University’s rich involvement in literature.

“Our campus has a variety of voices to share with the world, and I plan to give those voices a chance to be heard through S&C 2016,” said Vega.

Vega said that S&C will show a different set of perspectives and attitude from the new generation about topics such as technology, communication, sexuality, and politics. They also aim to start online publications of S&C, like eBooks.

“Our generation is facing a lot of revolutionary ideas that challenge our definitions of humanity. I’m sure the opinions and thoughts shared from some of those ideas will be interesting,” Vega said.

S&C 2015-2016, according to Vega, will be a ‘refresher’ even though they are carrying out a tradition.

Vega also said that S&C will influence the readership of the students. She said that students will be inspired to read and write more when they see their personal work on S&C. Spreading it to their friends might also create a “chain reaction” for more student involvement.

Through S&C, students can also learn the process of getting their own creative works published and read about their concerns and hopes.

Submission requirements can be found on posters which will be placed on bulletin boards around the campus.

By Jann Viansee O. Cardenas

S&C 2015-2016 will be published on January 18, 2016.

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