If You Think Silence Means ‘Yes’

Silence does not answer anything. Silence is ambiguous. Silence is the most painful and yet peaceful death anyone can give to someone who’s dying to have answers, explanations, or anything that can solve an issue. So if you want to kill someone who wants nothing but your words, stay silent.

Silence drowns people in their own thoughts. They do not know what the person they want to talk to has to say; thus, everything is left to their imagination. Usually, that imagination is nowhere near optimistic. People tend to think of the most hurtful words and the ugliest truths they can imagine. Because, if it isn’t that bad, then why is it left unsaid?

Words left unsaid may not be the worst anyone can say. It is the mystery of those words that puts tension between the individuals if one or both of them choose to remain silent. A person might think that words unsaid could be nice. Yet, horrible ideas overshadow any optimistic thought, leaving the person suffocated and tortured by his/her own thoughts. Worse, these thoughts will not go away, they will resurface every now and then. The person may keep himself/herself busy the whole day, but those thoughts will remain a threat to the person’s mood. It could resurface anytime–while the person is walking down the street, eating, taking a bath, or even when preparing to sleep. It is a ghost lurking beneath the shadows, ready to make its presence felt any time. It will appear on random occasions, and not everyone has the talent of masking their emotions. Some can’t even contain their feelings enough to keep the tears from falling down their cheeks and save themselves from shame and interrogation. Emotions are intangible; it is hard for a person to hold them in place.

Forgetting about these thoughts will never be easy, after all, they are thoughts. People tend to think of the most random things at any given time. Though they appear quickly, they are hard to get away from. It depends on the weight of the subject. There are just some things that once made aware of, becomes hard to ignore.

Emotions are hard to ignore; if anything, emotions are the foundation of our effectiveness. We are not at our best when emotions drag us down, but it can also do the opposite when we feel good. We may lose the drive to function if we’re feeling low and depressed. Sadly, that kind of emotion is something that everyone wants to get rid of as it prevents us from seeing the bright side of things. But instead of talking to get rid of it, we absorb it in the silence and stagnancy that it offers—that it forces us to drown ourselves into. Sadness is hard to get away from; it will probably take weeks, months, or even years before it wears off. It has to turn you inside out before it can set you free. But some people, sadly, can’t take the pressure and choose the easier way out.

All those can be caused by silence.  If you care for the person you are depriving of your words, speak up.

By Meesh Salazar (Meesh Universe)


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