Cheers to the Cheerleaders

All competitions require bravery, but in cheering where dangerous stunts are executed, it demands a greater level of bravery.

Last August 25, 2015, four colleges showcased their talents and skills in one of the highlights of the 114th Founders Week celebration of Silliman University.

The four dauntless teams who accepted the challenge and joined the competition were “The Blazing Phoenix” of the College of Arts and Sciences, “The Builders” of the College of Engineering and design, “The Blue Siren” of the College of Computer Studies, and “BizAd” of the College of Business Administration.

Not only did they set the dance floor on fire with their awesome dance moves; they also pumped the adrenaline of the audience as they lifted and threw their cheerdancers up in the air.

BizAd, the cheering team of the College of Business Administration, bagged the championship of the cheering competition for the second time in a row at the Macias Sports Complex with their clean and fearless performance.

Darrel Dejos, the coach of BizAd, said that they wanted people to be reminded of the past, the tribal music, and the dance of the Filipinos.

“Most of the cheerleading right now always performs modern dance and modern music. Through our routine, we wanted to show tribal music with a modern twist,” he said.

The winning performance of the team was a result of strong discipline, passion, and will to dedicate the performance to God.

“In cheerleading, the risk is always there. The important thing is, they have the passion and discipline to give their best performance. Despite the trials in the team, we always pray and dedicate our performance to God,” he added.

Coming also from the mighty yellow team, Zandrea Mae Bolo won the best flyer award for two consecutive years.

feel so overwhelmed. Cheering is about believing in God and yourself,” Bolo said. She added that in cheerleading, one of the keys to “give a clean performance is communication with the team”.

Commitment and training also became their fuel to bring out a flawless performance, CristyPino, BizAd team captain said. “All of us are really committed in doing our very best. We don’t settle if we don’t accomplish something for the team.”

Just like how cheering must be, it is not just about competing but also having fun while honing one’s ability and improving one’s attitude.

“We really just enjoy, have fun, and keep the safety of all the ladies,” Pino added.

Meanwhile, the Blue Sirens of the College of Computer Studies won the Most Disciplined Team award, and second place. The Builders of the College of Engineering and Design won Best in Costume and third place. The Blazing Phoenix of the College of Arts and Sciences got fourth place.

The College of Law threw an entertaining performance during the second phase of which they were the only contender. They entertained the crowd as they performed the hits of Britney Spears.

This year’s All University Cheering Competition had the theme, “Embodying Sportsmanship through Solidarity and Integrity.” The competition aims to exercise sportsmanship among other competing teams, establish camaraderie, and showcase the fearless skills and talents of Sillimanians in cheerleading.

Johanna Villarin, one of the chairpersons of this year’s cheering committee said, “The belief that it’s not always about winning; it’s about the day-to-day hard work, determination, and teamwork every person has endowed to this competition. That’s what this competition is all about.”

The competition also aims to bring out the support of every Sillimanian to their representatives or their bets compete to other colleges. The committee believes that in Silliman, it is not only college companions that anyone can have but also a family.

“And above all, the support that everybody is getting from their colleges. That’s the best part. This year was a proof that we don’t only belong to a college; we belong to a family. That’s the legacy,” Villarin added.

Cheering competition is always life threatening especially for the flyers. But why would they do it? Not just because they are brave enough to take the risk, but also because the screams, tears, and fulfillment after doing the routines are priceless.

By Leslie Batallones and Ronelyn Faith C. Vailoces

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