BG removes barricades in SU Lib

The Buildings and Grounds (BG) removed the tables that blocked students from passing a part of the Silliman University Main Library’s second floor, but said that its cracks still remain unrepaired after almost two years since the 7.2 earthquake in Central Visayas.

The tables that used to block the second floor lobby acted as a temporary safety measure after the earthquake last Oct. 17, 2013 caused some cracks on the second floor of the library.

According to Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, BG supervisor, the floor cracks are not yet fixed, but students can pass through the area because the cracks are “not really dangerous.”

“The library is not yet repaired, but the cracks are not harmful. If it were, [then] it would have collapsed already,” said Ygnalaga.

Ygnalaga added that if the area with bookshelves did not collapse, then the Circulation Lobby’s possibility of collapsing is lesser because the load on the lobby area is also less.

“Students can pass, but the tables were placed because psychologically, when students see a crack, they will have the impression that it will collapse or that it’s dangerous,” Ygnalaga said.

The library authorities, according to Ygnalaga, instructed them to remove the barricades.

Ygnalaga mentioned that their contractor has already been fabricating the metal beams that will be used to repair the second floor of the library.

Since the cracks cannot be fixed by just applying cement, the metal beams will be added to the original beams in the construction joints of the second floor.

“After the metal beams are attached, the cracks will be filled with concrete epoxy to close it,” said Ygnalaga.

BG is still waiting for sembreak or Christmas break for library repairs to avoid inconvenience.

By JannViansee O. Cardenas

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