Two Hibalag events cancelled due to miscommunication

The Committee on Student Organizations (ComSO) explained that the two scheduled Hibalag events, the Advocacy Hour last Aug. 25 and the Dumaghetto Sk8fest last Aug. 21, were cancelled because of miscommunication.

Advocacy Hour is an event organized by the Advocacy Committee (AdvoCom) of the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) that gives various organizations in Silliman University a chance to promote their advocacies.

Advocacy Hour was supposed to be the first event on the night of Aug. 25, but Honda, one of the major sponsors of Hibalag, requested to have their time from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the “Honda Night: Honda Beat Dance Contest.”

Charmaine Ann Malata, AdvoCom chairperson said that they are planning to reschedule Advocacy Hour, but they will still discuss it within the committee.

Meanwhile, Dumaghetto Sk8fest is an annual skateboarding event attended by skateboarders from various places outside DumagueteCity.

Dumaghetto is the main organizer of the event. This was supposedly in partnership with ComSO and SUSG, but due to some miscommunication, Dumaghetto pushed through the event without them.

SchenitteTingas, ComSO chairperson said, “There was a permit; however, there was miscommunication between [our] committee. It was a mistake on our part [too].”

The events committee of ComSO was not aware of the change of time because they assumed that the permit processed by the logistics committee was for 2p.m. Because of the city ordinance that says that Perdices St. cannot be closed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the logistics committee of ComSO processed a permit rescheduling it to 8 p.m.

Shaira Althea Calle, one of the organizers of Dumaguete Sk8fest, said that ComSO offered to process the permit, so they agreed.

“Days before the event, they told us that the permit was already approved. But on [Aug. 21], they just told us that disapproved diay among time and that we should reschedule it to 8 p.m., which we could’t do because everything was all set [by] 2 p.m.,” Calle added.

The issue was resolved by changing the venue of the event to Bantayan, Dumaguete City.

Sponsor concern

Meanwhile, SUSG president Kirk Philip Emperado clarified that the issue of having the two competing motorcycle companies as sponsors, Honda and Yamaha, was resolved.

Emperado said that Honda was able to understand because Yamaha was there only for a day.

By Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz and Ray Chen S. Bahinting

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