Three Sillimanians crashed in bike accident, one injured  

Three Sillimanians got into an accident after their rented bike hit a hump and crashed near the College of Performing Arts Building 2 last Aug. 27.

The first year students were Megan Marie Tiu, a medical technology student and driver of the bike, Kent Anthony Ardonia, and Jaykel Arranguez, who are both engineering students.

The accident happened around 10:15 p.m. when Tiu, who was riding the bike with Ardonia and Arranguez, suddenly passed out in the middle of the ride.

With no driver to control the bike, it hit the hump, which made it flip and threw the three students on the road. Megan was injured in the head and remained unconscious until she was carried in a tricycle.

One of her friends rushed into the bike rental’s station, which was at the Luce Auditorium foyer, and asked for assistance.

The bike was owned by Renaldo Malazarte Jr. and Kent John Dolino, both mechanical engineering (ME) students.

According to Tiu, there was nothing wrong with the bikes.

Tiu said, “I don’t think ila tong sala kay ako man pud ang ga-drive then while nag-driveko, nikalit ra’g black out, nikalit lang ko ug pass out while nag-drive.” (“I don’t think it’s their [ME students] fault because I’m the one who drove [the bike], then while I was driving, I suddenly passed out.”)

ME students looked for a tricycle and rushed Tiu to the Silliman University Medical Center.

Tiu said that her CT scan results showed no serious head injuries. It only showed an external blood clot, which causes dizziness.

Gens Puracan, ME governor, said that they always remind people who rent ME bikes to think of safety before they ride.

By Ray Chen S. Bahinting and Paulynne Joyce R. dela Cruz

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