Stomping Kicks: The NDBC Experience

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” – Martha Graham

With the theme “Blast from the Past,” the Negros Best Dance Crew (NBDC) Season 2 once again brought people from all walks of life in this side of Negros Oriental who shared the same passion for dancing.

NBDC Season 2 underwent some tailoring in organizing the Final Battle, which included the removal of the “wild card”: giving the crews who did not make it to the top 10 a second chance. Despite this major change, the NBDC Season 2 committee undeniably put up a wonderful show for the Negrenses.

“It was more properly organized this year, which resulted to better set ups, internationally inclined judges, and better strategic plans,” said Chelsie Balmadres, one of the chairs of NBDC Season 2 committee.

A dance enthusiast, Shahadat Samsurin added that the event as a whole was “successful and motivating” with the dance crews showcasing not only flips but also genres like waacking, voguing, and krumping.

The NDBC was blazing on its second season not just because it served its purpose of showcasing terrific dance moves. Rather, it was a means of recognizing the various top performing dance crews that Negros Oriental has to show which only a few  are aware of .

From 21 crews who auditioned in this year’s NBDC, three crews have proved their worth of being the “second generation of dance floor royals.” They serve as an embodiment of authentic and dedicated dance enthusiasts who believe that excellence in dancing means embracing the soul of dancing with technique and with passion. Moreover, these dance floor royals have lived up a life which is centered on the truth that passion for improving dancing comes with great struggle.

Tight Beat (The Title Preserver)

The Tight Beat crew has established an excellent reputation since the early ‘90s. It has been recognized not only in the province of Negros Oriental but also in the country for winning in “It’s Showtime,” a Philippine noontime musical variety show broadcast on ABS-CBN.

Alesch Caballero, a member of Tight Beat, said that despite being composed of new members, bringing the name of the crew, and being first-timers in the competition, “2nd runner up is an achievement and the feeling was extraordinary.”

“…It was really hard to grasp the wants and likes of the judges to reach our goal of winning…. But being able to be the crowd favorite totally boosted our confidence more,” added Alesch.

The crew was named Tight Beat because their movement should be as tight as a locked chain and as graceful and hype as the way a beat flows.

“Don’t Stop the Limit, Push the Limit” is the crew’s motto. This reminds them the whole time to never fail in pushing every edge of the boundary because “failing is just another lesson to strengthen something.”

Renegade (Catalyst of Change)

They wouldn’t have been NBDC Season 2 1st runner-up if it hadn’t been for the brilliant idea which originated from a friend of the crew, Jim Kristoffer Sino-ag. Back then, there was no Renegade but BMO and Eminence United, which both joined the NBDC Season 1. Both crews are Silliman-based and each crew lack members for NBDC Season 2. Consequently, a suggestion of merging the crews sprung and so Renegade was born.

According to Glenn Edward Dumigpi, one of the choreographers of Renegade, the crew was named that way because they “wanted to stray from what is accustomed here in Dumaguete in terms of dancing.”

Upon joining NBDC, Renegade shared that they have come up with realizations from the comments of the judges that inspire them to do better in dancing.

“We learned that musicality and creativity is also important. Being able to move with fore is one thing but being able to move to the music is another. It means that it’s okay to not go all out every time; different dance styles have different vibes,” Glenn emphasized.

Renegade wanted to be the catalyst of change when it comes to dancing. In their performance in the Final Battle of NBDC Season 2, Renegade showed what it’s like to be unique.

The Newbiez (The Great Rookies)

From the crew name itself, members of The Newbiez are all rookies in hiphop dancing. But when it comes to perseverance, their hearts are always filled with it. There were no days that this crew passed a practice, and complete attendance in the crew is a must. No absences. No excuses. Done. It’s because they always remind themselves that these are “part of their training as dancers.”

For The Newbiez members, skipping meals, having scars and injuries, quarreling in the group and having problems with finances are nothing because of the continuous support that their family, friends, and loved ones show to them.

Last year, The Newbiez only advanced to the top 5, but this year’s NBDC was a blessing to the crew. Jeffrey Regalado, crew choreographer, shared that there were no expectations at all prior to the announcement of winners because “all the participating dance crews are great.”

Jeffrey also added that the members’ dedication in dancing led them to winning the title as NDBC Season 2.

On Final Battle Night, The Newbiez incorporated dance styles like swag, krump, waacking, tricks, b-boying, which were clearly and cleanly executed. The crew’s motto that has always been carried by the members led them to who and what they are now as a crew.

“Dancing is not what we want; it is who we are.” — The Newbiez

It’s not just about acquiring and mastering techniques but the passion and spirit to overcome the struggles in unity that makes a group worthy to be called as Negros Best Dance Crew.

By: Nurilyn Elli

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