Move On, Never Forget


The 11-day Founders Celebration is over, and the Silliman community is now trying to get over the Hibalag fever in order to focus on the remaining class days before sem break.

As everyone’s undergoing the “Hibalag hangover,” reflecting on the celebration is inevitable.

This year’s Hibalag celebration, spearheaded by the Silliman University Student Government (SUSG), is unique. First, two days were added to the usual 9-day celebration. This gave more room for new events like Dormers Got Talent and Talentadong Sillimanian.  It also started with an SU Church service at the Amphitheatre, dedicating the celebration to God Almighty. Having a theme song for Hibalag is also commendable.

Three bands – Hale, Calalilly, and 6CycleMind – were present to make the celebration more festive. Myx VJ Chino, singer TJ Monterde, and DJ McCoy also spiced things up in the booth area.

On the other hand, the issues were also unique – most also happened for the first time. Last Aug. 19, the Parade of Lights, formerly known as Torch Parade, had a different route. ComSO was informed only on the last minute before the parade that the road along the Rizal Boulevard was closed due to the preparations for Earthday Jam, so they changed the route from the boulevard to the road going to the market area before reaching Channon gate.

The 69th Miss Silliman Pageant Night had its blunder when the agreement to only select top five contestants and the criteria were not upheld and judges were not oriented about the rules and scoring.

Events got cancelled and sponsor issues also rose. Last Aug. 25, Advocacy Hour was supposed to be the first event of the night, but it got cancelled because Honda, one of the major sponsors, requested to have their time from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. for their event. Dumaghetto Sk8fest, an annual skateboarding event that’s supposed to be held in Silliman was also cancelled because of permit problems and miscommunication among the organizers.

Meanwhile, SUSG President Kirk Philip Emperado clarified to the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) that the issue of having the two competing motorcycle companies as sponsors, Honda and Yamaha, was resolved. Emperado said that Honda was able to understand because Yamaha was there only for a day.

Chairperson and CEO of the Direct to Consumer (DTC) Promos Inc. Ed Dames said in his lecture last Aug. 24 that there are two kinds of mistakes: stupid mistakes and smart mistakes. He said that smart mistakes are the ones that make people grow upon deciding not to commit these again, while stupid mistakes are repetitive. Some mistakes of student leaders, committees, and other groups (including tWS, as the publication had its share of errors) during the Hibalag week were indeed cringe-worthy, but these could only be classified as smart ones if everyone would move on without forgetting their consequences. These mistakes should be taken as lessons for the future student leaders and pioneers.

As everyone wait for press releases on issues, clarifications from leaders, or errata from tWS, students should have this attitude to remember mistakes because after all, the student government, organizations, committees, school publications, and other groups are all avenues for learning. Success can be measured as to how these groups are able to pick themselves up after every failure and carry on trying.

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