Math alumnus presents algebra theory for research

Jeomar Edam, doctor of philosophy in mathematics, discussed the “Algebraic Hyperstructure Theory” and its application to research during the Balik-Talent Lecture of the Mathematics department last Aug. 24 at the Science Complex Room 335.

The Algebraic Hyperstructure Theory is an abstract algebra theory that covers all the possibilities in a given set of numbers using hyperoperations.

According to Edam, hyperoperations allow sets to have various possibilities of unions between the numbers. Each union brought by the hyperoperation is a single possibility.

Edam demonstrated the theory by giving out the formulas to predict the outcome of a certain set of numbers. He also showed his own take on the theory by demonstrating a shortened version, but with limits on the variables that would allow the set of numbers to work.

Edam added that the theory can be used in the various sciences like chemistry, physics, and genetics.

“[The theory] can be applied to various researches,” Edam said.

Edam said that the theory can be used in chemistry by showing the possible outcomes of each and every oxidation probability of gold.

He also showed the possibility for its use in genetics by showing each embryo’s varied traits.

According to Edam, the Hyperstructure Algebraic Theory is not yet widely applied  in heavy scientific researches.

Edam graduated magna cum laudel ast 2009 from the mathematics department in Silliman University. He got his Ph.D. in mathematics from Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technonoloy.

By John Rey L. Villareal

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